Multitrans SA 75W-140

Multitrans SA 75W-140


Multitrans SA 75W-140 is an advanced, fully synthetic gear oil developed for use in heavy duty axles, including Scania units requiring a lubricants with a STO 2:0A qualification.

The product has high load carrying ability and will protect all critical components over a wide range of operating temperatures and workloads. Rapid circulation from cold will ensure essential component protection at start up and promote the potential for fuel economy. Multitrans SA 75W-140 will alsoprovide effective wear, rust and corrosion protection.

The extremely strong synthetic base fluid maintains lubricating film integrity under the toughest shock load conditions demonstrating superior performance over conventional mineral oils.


• Outstanding frictional durability (reducing the potential for vibration)
• Strong EP protection
• High level of thermal and oxidation stability


Multitrans SA 75W-140 is designed and recommended for use in heavy duty axle / differential
applications where any of the performance levels below are specified by the manufacturer.

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